Client Testimonials

“Fendy is the reason why I have been able to run a personal best at the New York Marathon and competitively place within the top 10% at Spartan and Bonefrog obstacle course races. He has been integral in helping me set my fitness goals, methodically breaking down how to achieve them, and helping me understand what success looks like. This includes frequency of workouts, allowing my body to rest, and making good food/drink decisions. I’ve become more knowledgeable in how to train correctly and prevent injuries than I could have learned on my own. My transformation has been more successful than I would have ever imagined because of training with Fendy.”
– Jasmin T.

“I started working with Fendy 2 years ago after struggling with hip and knee issues for years and going to PT after PT. Fendy was the first professional I worked with who actually looked at my body holistically and addressed all of my imbalances – not just the ones actively causing me pain. I can undoubtedly say that with Fendy’s guidance I have become stronger than I was before getting injured and am more confident in my body and it’s capabilities. I would recommend Fendy to anyone struggling to solve their chronic pains or just improve their athletic abilities in a heartbeat.”
– Megan P.

“I have worked with Fendy for ten + years.  He has always been attentive to addressing my goals, whether they be repairing the body following an injury, strengthening a set of weak muscles or improving flexibility.  Fendy is always thinking of solutions to the challenges I present.  And his sense of humor makes for a fun session.  The time always goes by quickly, even when it is hard work!  I would recommend Fendy to anyone who wants to achieve his or her goals and have a good time.”
– Chris W.

“Fendy Alexis works harder than any trainer I know to understand your goals, your strengths and your limitations.  Your success becomes literally his success.  His sessions are challenging but never more than you can handle and his personalized approach has you leaving sore but psyched.”
– Lori S.

“Fendy is a great trainer. He’s extremely knowledgeable, but one expects that from a trainer. What one hopes for in a trainer but doesn’t always find is listening skills. He listens really carefully, meets you where you are, and helps you get where you want to be. Whether in one-on-one or group training, he  is amazing.”
– Barbara G.

“I have worked with Fendy for over 10 years, both as a personal trainer and as part of small group training. Currently I’m part of two small group training teams.

The focus of training with Fendy, whether group or personal, swings from strength to conditioning and back again but always with total body health and fitness as the ultimate goal.

And there is a wonderful  sense of camaraderie and achievement that I personally take from every training session. So for me training with Fendy has been truly life changing and has helped me to maintain a level of overall fitness far superior to most of my peers.”
– Mark L.

“I started working with Fendy 2 years ago after struggling with a runner’s knee injury.  Fendy helped me recover and I’ve been running stronger and pain free ever since, including throughout my entire pregnancy and now postpartum.  I look forward to my small group training sessions each week – the workouts are challenging but fun and the camaraderie is great.”
– Nicole J.

“Fendy Alexis has the unique capability to match anyone’s wellness goals with a custom program that is thoughtfully conceived, challenging, and results oriented.  He can adapt to changing needs and goals to build on prior successes with seemingly subtle tweaks that lead to the target event or desired outcome.  Fendy prepares his clients for  whatever physical challenges they seek and ensures a balanced approach to making it happen.”
– James P.

“I have been working with Fendy for 10 years now. To say that I have made progress in my fitness is to grossly understate what he does. I have become a better person and learned so much from him over these year and the fact that I have improved my fitness immensely is icing on the cake. He has the ability to know what you are capable of before you do and push you beyond to achieve your goals. You will not believe what you can accomplish. ”
– Alysia F.

“I am an avid hiker and have spent many years hiking famous mountains and trails of the world. When I recently developed an overuse injury in a leg, Fendy set up a program to strengthen and rehab the leg and also to help me train for an upcoming trip to Mt. Fuji this spring. With his help, I made the summit despite deep snow conditions. Fendy has helped me extend my hiking career with his training program. Thanks, Fendy”
– Marc R.